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Rizon Bringing you IoT - RIoT

IoT technologies are often misunderstood or misrepresented in many forms, the ‘Internet of Things’ can be a challenging topic.


Leveraging years of experience our team seek out new technologies and new solutions, we sort through the emerging technologies to discover those innovative products and solutions that really do provide benefits:

  • Increasing Efficiencies.
  • Driving Down Costs.
  • Simplifying Global Solutions.
  • Proving Return on Investment.

Simply put, we scour Silicon Valley and Asia Pacific to find the most compelling cutting edge IoT and cloud based technology and bring them to market.


Rizon Experience

With more than 80 years of Experience in the Tech Sector, we understand IoT so you don't have to.

Rizon Knowledge

We are seasoned professionals with Channel and Reseller experience. We understand Global Distribution and the subtleties of local Implementation.

Rizon Capabilities

We have the agility of a Startup, the capability and experience of a vendor; this is why we are the partner of choice.

We Predict a 'Riot'!

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Rizon IOT are proud be the first authorised distributor of the Buddy Ohm portfolio in Europe, and the first accredited re-seller in the United Kingdom.


Buddy Ohm is a complete resource monitoring solution for government, commercial, industrial and multi-tenancy residential buildings. The system is made up of Internet of Things (IoT) class hardware, the Buddy Cloud, plus engaging software experiences.


Use the Buddy Ohm operations portal, and engaging occupant dashboards for monitoring and reducing consumption of natural resources like electricity, water, gas, steam, temperature and humidity.