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Building Monitoring

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Buddy Ohm: A simple, complete and low cost solution for monitoring the consumption of key building resources.

Whether your facility already has a large-scale building management system or not, Buddy Ohm can help provide new insights for operators and tenants to monitor critical systems and drive down monthly resource spending.


Industry standard sensors track temperature, humidity, electricity, gas, water, and steam consumption, and solar power generation.


Industry Leading Software and Cloud Analytics present the data in a Glance and Go format utilising Buddy View, while demographics and trend analytics are presented via the Buddy Portal.

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Data rich, glance-and-go experiences

When presented with real-time data, people can make real-time decisions. Ohm is like an activity tracker for buildings, where occupants can see the direct connection between their actions and a building’s energy consumption.

Help people make better decisions by exposing building data that’s normally locked behind closed doors for the building operator or facilities manager. Only when occupants and operators are working together can real savings and long term sustainability be realized.

Buddy Hardware

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Buddy Ohm

Resource Monitoring Gateway


Sleek IoT-class hardware is designed to be easily installed next to power panels, meters, and sub metering systems. Because cellular connectivity is built-in, installers never have to worry about changing WiFi network passwords or network interruptions.


Buddy Ohm is the system gateway, collecting readings from wired and wireless sensors distributed around the building, then sending those readings to the Buddy Cloud for processing and visualization.

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Ohm Link

Sensor Hub


Ohm Link provides increased flexibility for sensor installation around electrical panels, meters, and sub meters.
Ohm Link can provide sensor coverage where internet is a challenge by connecting to Buddy Ohm wirelessly through a non-proprietary, industry standard radio frequency.


Just like Buddy Ohm, Ohm Link units can be installed directly on metal surfaces using built in rare earth magnets, or mounted directly to other surfaces using the Ohm mounting plate.

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Ohm Sense

Wireless Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Ohm Sense temperature and humidity sensors monitor environmental conditions in areas around the building or facility.

Powered by replaceable batteries that can last up to a year, these sensors can live in places where power is scarce.

Ohm Sense units can also be outfitted with wired, sealed sensors for installation in refrigeration and freezer units, ice baths, steam tables and more.

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Ohm Pulse

Pulse Sensor

Ohm Pulse sensors monitor the flow of steam, water, and gas by detecting LED or Infrared pulses to provide a complete view of usage.

This is an easy to install and non-invasive monitoring solution for applications that include a pulse utility meter.

There are a variety of industry standard sensors that are compatible with Buddy Ohm for monitoring steam, water, and gas systems that lack pulse metering.

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Living and Working with Buddy Ohm

Our monitoring system is designed to be easy to install, independent of existing building systems and networks, and easy to expand as monitoring needs grow.

Buddy Software

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Ohm View

Occupant Facing Dashboard

Ohm View is a critical piece of the Buddy Ohm monitoring system, providing glance-and-go information about the buildings health, and how day-to-day life can have an impact.

Utilizing a small, plug and play hardware unit that connects to any TV using an open HDMI port, any building display can now give real time feedback to people living and working in the building.

Dashboards can be customized to reflect sensors installed in each building, and can also aggregate readings from individual buildings across an ownership portfolio.

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Ohm Portal

Administrative Portal

The Buddy Ohm Portal provides an operational view into the building’s resource monitoring. Graphs are interactive and data can be prepared, analysed and presented in a variety of ways.

This is a valuable tool for the building or facility manager to monitor key systems, get real-time event based alerts, and create historical reports to spot trends, anomalies and opportunities for savings.

The portal provides the ability to remotely monitor different areas of the building, or individual buildings spread across a geographic area.

This can help turn building maintenance and monitoring to an event based effort rather than one based on schedules.

Buddy Ohm can Benefit All Building Types

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Commercial Buildings

Buddy Ohm complements powerful and expensive building management systems (BMS) to get the most from the investment. Ohm adds a real-time data feed, alerting, wireless sensors, and engaging dashboards for occupants often missing from large scale BMS.

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Retro-fit Older Buildings

Building monitoring shouldn’t be exclusive to the newest buildings with the biggest budgets. Identify quick wins for savings by uncovering energy leaking systems and spaces and baseline older equipment. With data in hand, upgrade plans can be costed, rationalised and scheduled.

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Corporate and School Campuses

Gain a global view across a portfolio of buildings to determine where things are going right, and more importantly where they’re going wrong. Use Ohm to create a performance roster, and then make a plan on which buildings to focus efforts on.